Steam Friends Plugin


This plugin enables you to join UE4 games hosted by your Steam friends!

I give you a free demo of this plugin below in my Free Downloads Section!


You can contact me at rama (at) to order this plugin! There is no charge for UE4 engine version upgrades as new versions are released.



Plugin Prerequistes (none!)

1. You do not need to be greenlit in order to use this plugin!

2. If you have downloaded UE4, you can use this plugin in your game!



See Your Steam Friends List In-Game!

Using my plugin, people playing your game can see their Steam Friend’s list while in game, and click to join the game of their friend who is playing the same game!



Free Downloads (about 90mb)

You can test my Steam Friends Plugin for yourself by downloading this packaged game! You dont need to have UE4 to use this packaged game, and certainly dont need a Steam app id (you dont need to be greenlit!) 🙂

Rama Steam Friends Plugin Demo


How to Play a Steam Multiplayer Game in UE4

1. Download my sample project

2. Make sure you are already logged into Steam, and also your steam friend’s list.

3. Press SHIFT + TAB while in-game to make sure you see the overlay and are logged into your steam friends list

4. Press numpad 9 to open the steam friends list and see which of your friends are online

5. Press numpad 7 to host a game, and then have your friend join you using numpad 9 !

6. Enjoy!



How to Install This Plugin

1. In a BP-only project you simply extend my RamaSteam playercontroller class, and that gets you everything you need! Make sure you have checked on “Show Plugin Content” as shown in my video above.


2. In a C++ project, you can extend my Rama Steam Player Controller class in C++, making sure to add RamaSteamFriends to your list of build.cs dependencies. Then you can copy the blueprint code from the blueprint RamaSteamPCBP (in the plugin content folder) into your player controller blueprint.


3. For both BP and C++ you must integrate steam in your DefaultEngine.ini config file! Just copy-paste this code below into the top of your DefaultEngine.ini!

; Switch the two semicolons below if you want to test offline with or open ip



;~~~ Below here never has to change whether you want open IP or Steam ~~~





How to Obtain This Plugin

You can contact me at rama (at) to obtain this plugin for your UE4 game! 

There is no charge for UE4 engine version upgrades as new versions are released.

Have fun today!