Melee Weapon Plugin

Rama Melee Weapon Plugin

My Melee Weapon plugin enables you to set up a melee weapon system for your UE4 game very quickly!

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My Melee Weapon plugin has these powerful features:

1. Ability to specify exactly which parts of a weapon’s physics asset deal damage.

2. Complete control over which parts of a swing animation deal the damage, allowing you to ignore the wind up and wind down from a swing animation, through the use of UE4 animation notifies.

3. Per-bone accuracy, so you can know exactly which bones of a character mesh were hit by the weapon!

4. My very own custom PhysX core coding, so that efficient volume shapes are used to represent the weapon’s collision as it swings through the air. I went deep into Nvidia’s PhysX system and wrote a lot of custom code to make this system as efficient and customizeable as possible! I added a lot of code to draw PhysX shapes in the editor and during runtime so you can see exactly what my Rama Melee Plugin is doing!

5. The whole system can be utilized entirely in Blueprints, but my plugin includes all the source code so you can extend every part of my system, including the hardcore PhysX coding!


You can contact me at rama (at) to order this plugin! There is no charge for UE4 engine version upgrades as new versions are released.



“I have been searching for a good way to make a melee system with per-bone collision, which is deceptively hard to accomplish with the Unreal engine. I quickly found that even if I traced the proper components, I only got bone hits with a fraction of the traces. In searching for a solution, I came across Rama’s melee weapon plugin.

Rama’s plugin is really easy to use and implement in your project and offers accurate per-bone collision. You can even define which parts of the weapon you want to affect the world! It uses the physics asset in Unreal, so sloppy line traces are not necessary! You can accurately enclose whatever area you want to have an effect and you can also decide WHEN it has an effect. If you want melee in your game, you really cannot get much better than this plugin!

Furthermore, while advertised as a melee system, it is also perfectly usable for projectiles, complete with the accuracy but with the added bonus of physics.

Thanks Rama!”





I provide updates with every engine version, here is what a client said about the 4.11 upgrade!


“Hey Rama!

I just wanted to give you a quick thanks for the 4.11 melee and save system plugin updates.
They both work like a charm, great work! 


 Marc, Hamburg Germany



Rama Plugin


Introduction to the Rama Melee Plugin:


Rama Melee Plugin Tutorial Part 1:

In this video I show you how to import any weapon asset for use with my plugin, setup the physics asset, and then customize which parts of your weapon do damage! 

I also show you how you can easily visualize how a weapon will attach to the player character, and refine the exact appearance using UE4’s Socket system!


Rama Melee Plugin Tutorial Part 2:

In this video I show you how to use UE4 Anim Notifies to precisely control what parts of a melee swing animation do damage with the PhysX help of my plugin!


Rama Melee Plugin Tutorial Part 3:

In this final video I show you how to use the Melee Trace Object Types of my Rama Melee Weapon compoennt to precisely control which objects in your game my melee PhysX sweeps collide with!

These Melee Trace Object Types give you complete control of how you integrate my plugin with your game!


Email: rama (at)